Get Ready for 3D Projection Mapping

What is 3D Projection Mapping
3D Projection Mapping is a 3D video projection technique that uses professional
projectors of high luminosity to project animated content on irregular shapes and non-flat surfaces. With projection mapping, one can map the light emitting from a projector exactly as per the physical object and the perspective of the viewer

Why choose 3D Projection Mapping
This helps to augment or manipulate any physical object to completely change its colour, texture, shape or behaviour. It transforms ordinary objects into attention-grabbing stages and transforms almost any surface into unique dynamic displays. Accompanied by music and voice-over, Projection Mapping creates unforgettable experiences.

Where can 3D Projection Mapping be used?
This technology can be implemented irrespective of scale, such as industrial sites, public buildings, city landmarks, heritage monuments, indoor rooms, sets, statutes etc.

How is 3D Projection Mapping accomplished

  • To begin, it is important to establish the scale of a project that is if the show will be indoor or outdoor, would it be a permanent setup or a temporary set-up for events.
  • Once the location is decided, we understand the dimension of the projected area as per your specific need. This helps in finalising the hardware required to achieve your vision.
  • Choosing the right projector with the right luminosity for your project is the first step
  • Depending on the number of projectors and the use case, we then choose the mapping software and servers that helps control the light emitting from all the projectors and allow us to project the content on the canvas
  • All supporting equipment that helps the projectors run is detailed based on where we place the projectors.
  • Supporting lights, and speakers are decided based on the location of the show and are detailed accordingly
  • Finally, the show controlling hardware, essential skill sets and experts required to manage this hardware and any additional on-ground requirement is detailed
  • The content for 3D projection Mapping looks best when created in 3D. Anything in the world can be recreated in 3D software and VFX adds magic to the object.
  • Light being a powerful captivating medium enables equally powerful storytelling. A storyboard is created keeping in mind the canvas and experience that needs to be created.
  • This storyboard gets developed into animations along with a script for voice-over and supporting music.
  • This content is then fed to the projection system. Then, the magical world of projections comes alive.