Studio Trika was conceptualized by Chandrakanth Rajapure and Vineet Sabharwal in 2009. Illuminating some of the iconic Indian Heritage monuments, reaching millions of viewers realtime, we have introduced some of the leading brands across industries, from automobile to medical with new media concepts.

Our burning desire towards achieving creations that are undoubtedly needed, but have not possibly been conceived, mandates the use of cutting-edge technology and constant innovation. New Media itself is about exploring new and innovative mediums to communicate with the audience. For the new age visual evolution, it is crucial creating a medium that is intelligent and interactive and we work towards it every day.

We are a bunch of passionate artists who love creating immersive experiences and have the vision to create something new fusing Art and Technology. Supported by an in-house team of talented artists, a highly skilled design team, and technicians, we exist to create out-of-the-world viewer experiences. As an artist collective, we collaborate with multiple artists across the world with different skills, this helps identify talent and to create something unique and trendsetting, together.

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Ramesh Yenegunde
Niteen Ukkali
Chiranth Kelamane
Manu Bhoomi
Naveen Krishna
Shivaangi Ramesh
Mala Vasu


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