Get Ready for Drone Light Shows

What is a Drone Light Show
Drone light shows or Flylight shows are the next-gen medium for visual communication.They are performed by fleets of quadcopters that only carry LED lights, and are coded and choreographed into different aerial formations.

Why choose Drone Light Show
In general, swarms are a sight to behold. These shows leave the audience spellbound with maximum retention of the story narrated to them through these moving airborne lights. The show depending on its location and weather condition has a higher visibility range than most outdoor marketing tools. We have had viewers who have seen the show as far away as 3 km from the show location.

Where can this be used?
Airspace and general safety norms are strictly followed and so these shows can only be performed in specified fly zones that are away from airports and other sensitive areas. The space for take-off should be obstruction free from cables, trees etc. The airspace required for the formation is decided keeping in mind the safety of viewers and the surrounding elements. Once you choose a location, our technical team will visit the show site to do mandatory technical checks before moving forward. Mandatory permissions need to be applied depending on the location of the show.

How many drones will I need?
We understand your communication needs and suggest the right number of drones that can be used to create the desired effect. Each drone is one pixel in the sky so denser is always better. The location, style of artwork and mandatory images to be created help us finalise the fleet size.

How are Drone Light Shows created?

  • Our design team will understand your requirement and suggest artworks that best narrate your story. A storyboard will be created along with the script for a voiceover that will be synchronised during the show.
  • As per the number of drones, the storyboard is developed into unique flight paths for each drone and LED lighting animations using 3D Software and proprietary computer programs
  • A simulation of the show is created for reference of music that will also play synchronised with the drone flight
  • These flight paths and light animations are sent to each drone via a ground control station. The technician checks the drones for airworthiness. When all pre-flight checks are completed, finally the countdown for the show begins!

Take it one step ahead
We are always working on adding new elements to a show. Drone light shows can be
synchronised with on-ground events and can also be modified to augment the viewer experience. Cold pyros (fireworks), and smoke canisters can be added to the swarm to be triggered as per the storyboard.

How much does it cost?
Each drone show is a unique case as it depends on the location and requirements for the show. Here are some factors that affect the cost of a drone light show

  • Size of the drone fleet required to achieve the artwork
  • Show design complexity and additional requirements during the show
  • No of shows and rehearsals required
  • Venue charges, On ground production, Airspace authorisation and regulatory compliances
  • Shipping and logistics of equipment
  • Crew travel and accommodation

What do I need on the ground for a show?

  • A safe and even take-off zone with no high trees or buildings nearby (dimensions will be specified as per the fleet size)
  • Clear airspace that is not above people or sensitive elements
  • An enclosed area near the take-off zone to store and work on the equipment with amenities
  • Show lights and speakers as per the show need
  • All applicable permissions
  • Strict adherence to safety protocols